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Businesses turn to Mybuco specialised divisions for personalised service and access to the most qualified talent for their temporary recruitment, project consulting and permanent recruitment needs. We provide a cost-effective recruitment solution for our clients, helping them hire highly skilled professionals quickly and with minimal disruption to productivity. 


We progressively drive value, efficiency and an adventurous spirit into every Mybuco project and programme, as part of our key goal to push boundaries in the construction industry. Whether our role is development, consultancy, construction or facilities management, our innovative solutions and service excellence seeks to break new ground within our own company, laying the foundations for our industry’s future

Solar Heating

and Energy

Solar Supplies UK have been supplying Eco Friendly Solar Energy Products for over 5 years. We distribute throughout the UK and most of Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.We have built a history of stability and efficiency in the market of environmentally friendly solutions for consumers. We have a superb staff of helpful people here to help you every step of the way, whether its advice on how to best convert your home to eco friendly solar energy, or answering your questions on your individual needs.