about us

We started our business because we are passionate about all aspects of construction and imports. Our idea was to provide high-quality services and imports at reasonable prices.

It seems that our idea has worked, because our business has grown continuously in recent years and this allowed us to expand into the supply chain of energy related products.

We pride ourselves in being one of the few independent construction companies in the London, allowing us to enter all projects as a flexible construction partner. We aim to streamline our systems and procedures with those of our clients and supply chain, to provide a seamless, fully integrated and professional approach to projects; the reasons why we have continued to be a prominent contractor within the industry.

Our imports are carefully selected to ensure the best value in terms of quality and price. Coal is acquired via a direct supply chain between source and customer. The Firewood and associated heating material is sourced from some of the hardest woods available for the heat generation requirements, ensuring that repeat customers ask for the product by name. "You have tried the rest now test the best". Our target is to have customers that select us by choice.

Our strength comes from our ability to adapt quickly to our customers needs within a competitive marketplace. Mybuco have grown from strength to strength. We invest heavily in our staff as we believe they are the key to our success and continued growth.


Our experienced management works hard to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations.


Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to helping you.