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We progressively drive value, efficiency and an adventurous spirit into every Mybuco project and program, as part of our key goal to push boundaries in the construction industry. Whether our role is development, consultancy, construction or facilities management, our innovative solutions and service excellence seeks to break new ground within our own company, laying the foundations for our industry’s future 

 Coal Brokers

We have excellent relationships with prime coal and anthracite mines to ensure consistent availability of coal and ancillary products. 

Extra or additional coal is also sourced from various other reliable and honest traders which ensures the availability of a wider range and choice of coal.

The coal gets delivered directly from the coal mine which eliminates unnecessary handling cost and product breakages. It also ensures that our clients receive the promised product, preventing “blending” of choice and inferior product. Weekly product analyses are also available to prove the quality of the product. Relationships with the mining houses ensure availability of various bituminous coal grades to satisfy customer’s needs.

Tender Management and Facilitation 

We take the hassle out of tender sourcing and ensure that our Contractors can focus on their area of expertise, i.e. construction and maintenance. 

Our meticulous searches ensure a constant update of our database with available tenders. These tenders are then matched to our base of Contractors and they are notified immediately.